Monday, July 27, 2009


OK, so here's today. I don't have times written down, but things are in generally chronological order.
  • Skim e-mail, feed reader, twitter, facebook
  • Check voicemail, make list of call-backs (many branches aren't open on Monday, so most calls need to wait until tomorrow)
  • Touch base with my office-mates (there are 6 of us in a large space - 4 Managers, a Digital Services Librarian, and an Administrative Assistant)
  • Respond to weekly reports from branches via e-mail
  • Discover an office-mate has brought us home-made peach pie
  • Attend weekly meeting with fellow Branch Services Managers and our boss, the Assistant Director for Public Services - debrief re. recent supervisor training seminar
  • Have short discussion with my boss re. specific ongoing issues
  • Send agenda items to conveners of 2 upcoming meetings
  • Eat piece of peach pie
  • Discuss with office-mate the possibility of getting library cell plan to included texting, as we're using twitter and other text-based services more
  • Start article on success of new Saturday hours at one of our rural branches; realize can't write it until tomorrow, when supervisor of said library is in and can answer my questions
  • Write 5 brief reports for SPL's 27 Things project - the deadline for all 27 is July 31st, and I want my commemorative flash drive!
  • Look at mock-ups for invitations for a grand opening at the end of August, and wonder how to make all the stakeholders happy with the print pieces
  • Discuss the merits of using a Folkmanis pig puppet to ease difficult discussions in the workplace
  • Open mail - receive a catalog of purportedly indestructible AV cases from a vendor I met at ALA; pass along to Collection Manager
  • Play with a Dell Latitude 2100; we're considering using these for a "check out a laptop" program in one of our new branches; pass to other office-mates
  • Discuss a customer-education sign suggestion with Marketing director
  • Get call from boss re. lapse in customer service at a branch
  • Notice I forgot to eat lunch
  • Write up today's dayinthelife and go home

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tennislibmitch said...

My "peach pie" today was espresso candies and smoothie flavored Necco wafers.